Responsive Web Design

The world is consuming the Internet at a alarming rate and from multiple types of devices. You can no longer just have a website. You must have a site that looks and works great on 27” monitor, a tablet, a mobile phone, as well as the newest greatest thing in everyone's hand. This is the experience that clients have come to expect and what Liam Edward Creative offers.

Web Application Development

Sometimes an off the shelf software solution just won’t work for your needs. That is where Liam Edward can make the difference with a custom application tailored to you. We take the time to understand your businesses needs and create a user-friendly, enjoyable, and of course useful application.

Content Management

Any good site must stay fresh. This means regular, if not constant, updates. Without at least a working knowledge of coding that can be a very daunting task. Liam Edward offers WordPress CMS as it’s preferred content management system. So you can update content whenever you want. WordPress is limited only by your imagination. And if you prefer something other than WordPress, or require a custom solution, just ask, we are happy to accommodate.


Everyone wants a mobile app. We tell you if you really need one. :)

Yes, you read that correctly. Mobile apps are hot, but that doesn't mean you need one. A mobile app only makes sense if it adds value. Some instances require a stand alone app; others do not. Sometimes your mobile goals can be achieved by making your website mobile friendly

If a mobile app is right for you, there is still much to consider. What are the objectives? what platforms need to be supported? iOS? Android? Blackberry? Windows Mobile? All of them?

We can help you sort all this out as well as help you plan for future development and support.

Social Media

Where do I start?

This is the first comment that our clients make when the topic of social media comes up.

Yes, you will need to set up all the proper accounts, but social media is all about reaching out to your community and joining the conversation with your clients, followers, and competition. Just because you have a Facebook page and a Twitter handle doesn't mean you will just magically get Klout. Much the same as having business cards doesn't mean you are doing any business.

Integrating social media into your marketing strategy is key to your business survival. Ignoring it will lead to its failure. We create a strategy to leverage social media to not only keep your customers happy, but also turn them into advocates, while at the same time attracting new clients.

Liam Edward offers..


Don’t Forget good old fashion traditional design. We offer complete graphic design, illustration, and marketing services.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Corporate Identity and marketing require strong recognizable brand elements. We can help. Brand identity, business cards, brochures as both digital and print pieces. Whatever your need, expect us to produce creative works that are of the highest quality.


With ever changing marketing technology it can be hard to keep up. You can no longer simply have your brochure and business card and hope for the best. You need a marketing plan that includes innovative uses of new technology as well as traditional mediums to get your business noticed.

We understand that you have a budget and one of our goals is to get the most value out of that budget.

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