Wand For The iPhone and iPod Touch

Are you an aspiring witch or wizard? Maybe a pixie or fairy? Then wand is for you. Wand is not simply a magic wand simulator. It is a customizable enchantment tool! With wand in your hand, you will never need to settle or choose between one o two simple spell casting sticks. Choose from over 15 different wands and add your choice of 8 different toppers. Cast your spell or just make a wish using 6 different types of magic. Kids love it and it is fun for adults too! Perform magic by waving your wand or simply touching it.


We welcome suggestions for other types of wands, toppers, and magic for future versions.


What is the object of Wand?
Wand was created for simple amusement and enjoyment of anyone who likes magic or wants to feel magical.

How many wand combinations are there?
We are not sure, we did not bother to count. If you figure it out let us know.

Is wand safe?
We cannot gaurantee your safety from malicious or poorly perfomed spells. Wand is simply a tool and therefore a means to an end. Beware of evil or untrained magical entities.

Will the spells work?
The spells will only work if you actually have magic powers as mention before this is only a tool.

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