Panic Alert For The iPhone and iPod Touch

Have you ever just needed to alert everyone around you that it’s time to panic?! If so, Panic Alert is the app for you. Panic Alert has 2 sets of a siren noises and visual light styles and, uses 4 different color lights.

For Work
My computer crashed, the boss is in the parking lot,in a bad mood, and has made another change to the project. It’s time to PANIC! The servers are down. It’s time to PANIC! Heck you might just like the noise of a good siren. Panic Alert lets you panic and have everyone around you know it’s happening.

For Home
Panic Alert is great for distracting a child during a diaper change. Get your significant other’s attention when they are zoned out and watching TV. Use it to let everyone around you know you lost one of the kids (look under the couch, maybe they are there).

For Fun
Set it off and see what happens.

The best part is, if the people that you want or need to let know you are in a panic are not around, Panic Alert can also let you email your situation to anyone. Just choose them from your contacts, or type them in, write a message and send.

As always we welcome suggestions for ways to improve our products.

This is a novelty app and is not to be depended on in an emergency.


What is the Purpose of My Pet Fly?
Simple fun. Pure silliness.

I’ve launched the app but nothing happens. What now?
Touch the “myPetFly” icon on the screen, or shake the iPhone.

I don’t see a “myPetFly” icon. What now?
You have probably scrolled horizontally to the next background. Scroll back to the first background or shake the iPhone.

How do I stop the fly?
Touch the “myPetFly” icon on the screen, or shake the iPhone.

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