Smack A Swine Lite For The iPhone and iPod Touch

All the media hype about Swine Flu got you down? Here is your chance to get back at the innocent little buggers. Who cares if they are to blame or not. Take some aggression out on them, go ahead we won’t tell anyone. Smack A Swine is a fun hearted addictive finger tapping game. Slap the swine and gain points, but watch out for the cows. There are 4 difficulty levels. Try and beat your last score. It’s a great way to pass the time and kids will love it also.

Smack A Swine Lite is the free version of our Smack A Swine game.

The object of Smack A Swine Lite is quite simple. As animals appear on screen, tap the pigs and boars to gain points while avoiding the cows which will deduct points. Each pig is worth 20 points and each boar acts as a multiplier. Each cow inadvertently tapped will lower your score by 100 points. See how high you can run up your score in each 30 second game.

No Pigs where hurt in the making of this this game. Oh! and we were nice to the cows As well! Mooooooo!

Good Luck!


What is the object of Smack a Swine?
The object of Smack A Swine is to gain points by tapping as many pigs and boars as possible in 30 seconds. Be careful though, tapping cows will cause your score to go down.

Were any farm animals hurt is the making of this game?
Of course not. We would never even go near a farm.

Do I need to wear a surgical mask to play Smack a Swine?
No. Fortunately, you can not catch swine flu from virtual swine.

Why is there no score displayed during the game?
Do you really want to be distracted? We found that it took our attention away from the pigs.

Why is there no timer during gameplay?
It adds to the suspense and sense of urgency. You know you have 30 seconds, but how much of it is left is anyone’s guess.

How is the score determined?
At the end of the game, you get 20 points for each pig you successfully smacked. That number is then multiplied by the multiplier you earned by smacking boars. 0 boars earns you no bonus multiplier and therefore your multiplier is 1x keeping you score at just the added pigs. after your multiplier is applied, 100 points is subtracted for every cow you were unfortunate enough to hit.

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