Balloon Toss
Who doesn’t like a good water balloon fight, right? Well, except for the soaking wet part. Now you can toss water balloons at anyone you want at any time.More
My Pet Fly
Now you can take the amusement of a "pet fly" along with you wherever you go. More
Panic Alert
Is it time to panic? Want to let everyone around you Know? Panic Alert is the app for you. Panic Alert has 3 siren sounds and visual light styles and, 4 different colors for each. More
Smack A Swine
Swine Flu hype got you down? Get back at the innocent little buggers. Who cares if they are not to blame. Take some aggression out, go ahead we won’t tell. Smack A Swine is a fun hearted addictive finger tapping game. iPhone | iPad
Smack A Swine Lite
Smack A Swine Lite is the free version of our Smack A Swine game. More
uFarted is the first augmented reality fart application. Make anyone float an air biscuit and see the noxious gasses emanate from their body.More
Are you an aspiring witch or wizard? Maybe a pixie or fairy? Then wand is for you. More
The definitive, augmented reality, snowball chucking simulator.
awwwwwww, look at the snow. How beautiful! Now pelt someone with a snowball!More
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